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Comments from the Editor

In Predatory Will, Richard M. Baker, Jr.,leads the reader through a minefield of sibling rivalry and contentiousness carefully laid by a controlling father’s Last Will and Testament. Contemporary and sobering, Predatory Will warns of the harsh, often cruel consequences of unequal distribution of wealth and power in an engrossing story of a young man’s stubborn stand against ill-meaning family, business associates and townspeople.

The author lends experience and imagination to lead character, Henry Peters’ agonizing power-struggle, interlacing fact and fantasy in an insightful saga of small-town community life. Baker’s careful crafting of Henry’s sudden then ongoing dilemma attaches a passionate intensity to bread and butter issues that inspires introspection. Like Henry, the reader is asked to weigh in and take a stand.

Perhaps more than anything, Predatory Will is a story of a man’s morality under siege. As with other books by Mr. Baker, the author’s aim appears to be that we recognize the complexities and often dark undercurrents of human behavior. In this respect, Predatory Will is a masterful portrait of life. From it we learn that even the best intentions are subject to the contempt and manipulation of others.