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Bold, Enduring Literature
Where Reality & Fiction Collide
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Semi-Custom, Managed e-Book Publishing, Distribution and Billing Offerings for Authors, Publishers, and Online Service Providers

- Manuscript review and editing
- Web-e-Books text and image layout
- Cover and website graphic design
- Software coding and HTML-5 set up
- IT support and hosting arrangements
- E-commerce gateway and billing
- Author/Publisher payment services
- Sales Reporting
Manuscript Submissions:

Web-e-Books® is an advanced technology e-publishing and distribution solution. We do not offer vanity or self-publishing services. We are selective about the genres, literary styles, and the quality of each author’s works. Qualifying authors are offered our Book-Backer publishing program on Web-e-Books®. There are no conversion fees or other technical set-up demands placed upon the author.

We publish narrative and illustrated select modern and classic titles; including fiction and non-fiction (essays, journals, memoirs) of realism, historic, speculative, and other mainstream genres within the parameters of our slogan: Where Reality and Fiction Collide. We seek unpublished works offering compelling social messages, strong character development, captivating narrative and graphics, and rolling action -- literature of excellence categorized by originality and authenticity.


- Provide complete author contact information and send to:
- Attach an English language digital manuscript preferably in MS Word format with a 1" margin on all sides.
- Include headings with any of the following: Introduction, Preface, Acknowledgements, Forward, Contents, Chapter, Prologue, or Epilogue.
- Indent five spaces or a half-inch for each new paragraph.
- Use a standard font, 11 to 12-point type. Times New Roman, Arial, or Courier.
- Show image placements in the submitted manuscript and submit as separate, high-resolution .jpg file attachments.
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