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Bold, Enduring Literature
Where Reality & Fiction Collide
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Welcome to our eBooks Store. Begin reading your favorite books from anywhere with our eBooks. Web-e-Books, a complete e-publishing platform with eBooks store, offers eBooks online anytime on your choice of device. Visit us today to start reading! We format eBooks to work on computers, tablets, smart-phones or e-readers using a standard browser. There’s no need to purchase special e-readers, or manage complicated set-ups.
We’ve designed original technology features for easier browser-based reading. Our TruPage solution utilizes natural page numbering to identify your place in a book on any device, and presents the same page number in switching from laptop to tablet or smart phone. MemoryMark is a virtual, automatic bookmark that instantly locates and remembers where you left off, and on all your devices. Our exclusive, automated and seamless offline reading function called Cache-It enables reading without an Internet connection. For authors desiring pictures, charts, or other graphics in their Web-e-Books®, we offer ImageDrop
We believe that reading on LCD and LED screens should be pleasurable and ergonomic. Our on-screen magnifier allows a choice of font size. The drop down menu supports handy chapter and page search. MellowPage offers color background shading in several blushes to reduce eye fatigue on pages with adjustable text and column sizes to suit your reading preferences.
Web-e-Books® technology supports most device browsers that connect to the Internet via DSL, Cable and Wi-Fi broadband, as well as 3G and 4G mobile data services.
HTML5 Browsers: Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Android, Opera, and more…

Verify compatibility with your system today by reading our free sample short stories identified in the right-hand corner of the Multimedia section of our website. We think you'll find that it’s easy to get started… and easier to read e-books the Web-e-Books® way!
1. Add e-Book selection to cart.
2. Click shopping cart button, create account.
3. Enter payment information and checkout.
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Desktop, Laptop, & Ultra-thin Notebook Computers: Windows, Apple, or Linux
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MemoryMark is Web-e-Book’s unique electronic bookmark, used when reading online or offline, and elegantly designed to return you to where you stopped reading by storing the page in your online Web-e-Books database. Even if you switch between laptop, tablet, or smartphone, MemoryMark records the last page online. With MemoryMark, bookmarking is automatic for all of your Web-e-Books.
ImageDrop is a is a web-based technology that supports publication and distribution of e-books and with photos, graphs, charts, tables, and other illustrations within the text of e-books published on Web-e-Books. Author titles can now be populated with quality visuals to enhance their otherwise highly narrative book presentations. Images remain distortion-free even when readers change text font size for greater legibility. Select images can be opened with a mouse click or screen tap in a second window for virtually unlimited viewing size, saving, and printing – useful for electronically delivering key charts, forms, or tables offered to the reader in the e-book.