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Editor’s Notes

More than skin-deep science fiction, Beneath the Milk White touches upon evidence that plants actually exhibit recall ability analogous to human memory. From this, the author has built a story of intrigue and wonderment based on the knowledge that the cellular structure of plants and animals share chromosomes of DNA – the coded chemical formulas that manage genetic life forms.

Rick Preti utilizes speculative biological interpretation to propose an assumptive theory: that plants and animals originated from the same primordial soup; and that events along the way created evolutionary mutations that split the kingdoms in two. With his supposition well-developed, the author suggests an opportunistic reversal of evolution, and the ways in which people carrying such traits may actually benefit.

The novel’s plot spins from this genetically engineered theme to revolve around a loving couple’s life missions, and the treacherous parasitic invasion of a plant form within a young man’s nervous system, the victim a professional jazz musician from England, and his lover, a first-year medical student in New Orleans. He and she deal with the parasitic disorder in vastly different ways, but together hold the keys to reverse evolution in a tale that would have us believe that plants truly support a consciousness. Preti’s literary work is not your typical futuristic science fiction. He relies on current hypotheses, though clearly imagined for effect.

Beyond his creative conceptualization, Preti writes with a proclivity for rich, compelling details. His narratives are deeply descriptive and seductively believable. In wildly varied settings, from open country roads to murky jazz dens to high stakes casinos, the story unfolds in cinematic fashion, mesmeric for the young British man visiting America for the first time. Impressions are formed simply and purely, the author poetically crafting words and thoughts to bind readers to the sensitivities and actions of his carefully developed characters.

Beneath the Milk White is a literary jewel in its portrayal of man’s facing human change of a massive scale, much like H.G. Wells and his romantic entwine of the attributes of human psychology and social concern when earthlings first encountered forceful aliens from outer space. For all the explanatory possibilities presented in Beneath the Milk White, the story captivates at every turn via interludes of erotic human sexuality, criminal chase, musical events, excursions, and clever twists that romanticize relationships, settings, and outcomes in support of the unnerving comingling of distinct species.