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Media Release


Red Weather, the Second of Two Crime Novels by Author T. R. Healy, Released on Web-e-Books®

A Firefighter Betrays His Community by Committing Arson with Inflamed Vengeance


Portland, Oregon, USARed Weather, the second of two novels dealing with anti-social behavior by author, T.R. Healy, is being released as a first edition psychological drama on the delinquency of arson. The book is being released on Web-e-Books® in support of world-wide, cross-platform distribution of his fictional work on the realities of defensible revenge by an intensely distressed individual who feels he’s been wronged. The Tri-Screen Connection, LLC, publisher and distributor of the exclusive e-book, is providing the technology platform and online shopping website for Red Weather.

In the Story

In Red Weather, a shop owner and part-time fireman alarmed by the spread of drug dealers into the once idyllic center of his small hometown takes the law into his own hands, frustrated by his neighborhood’s reprehensible decline and the blind-eyed response of local police. Firefighter turned arsonist and one-man vigilante, Rance Sutter stealthily smokes out the bad actors of a conspicuous dope den and uses a method of eviction no one would expect of him.

Aware he is committing a serious misuse of justice to rout the drug traffickers Rance builds false assurances of his innocence by exploiting his firefighting credentials and close friendships, and further tempers the heat of suspicion for bad behavior by shining blame on a shadowy suspect from the drug underworld.

Just as the official search for a culprit turns cold, drug dealers spark a series of destructive fires the likes of which the town has never known. Townspeople trust no one as the community goes on high alert and measures are taken to protect properties at all hours of the day. While clean as a firehouse whistle to his comrades in the volunteer fire department, constrained by the unyielding dishonesty of his secrets, Rance Sutter is left no choice but to spin an ever-widening vortex of deception.

Web-e-Books ® Availability

Red Weather is viewable in licensed Web-e-Books® format available from The Tri-Screen Connection and is compatible with virtually all Internet browser-capable desktop, laptop, tablet, e-reader, mobile smart phone, or similarly equipped devices running Apple®, Windows®, Android®, and Linux operating systems.

Priced at US $4.95 – read on-line or offline, no download or installation required.

About The Tri-Screen Connection

The Tri-Screen Connection represents a launch pad for broad adoption of new-media communications services, including digital content and publishing. Our publishing strategy is to satisfy the market for exclusive contemporary and select classic literature of excellence that provides reflective insight to a wide range of human experiences.